Friday, December 3, 2010

Re: I'm going to be in a movie (kinda/maybe)!

So I mentioned before that there is a chance some of my artwork may be in a movie.  I met someone who is working on the movie at the ICE Holiday Shopping Spectacular. He recognized my Batboy painting as one he had just hung for a scene.  He said that it was shown pretty predominately in the shot.  So there is a really good chance of it actually making it on-screen as long as that scene doesn't get cut. 

Here is some more info on the movie via

ABC Family has announced a new original movie called “Always and Forever” (this title may change). The movie will star Sara Rue, Barry Watson, Valerie Harper and Fred Willard and is set to premiere on the television channel in the Spring of 2011. Filming for “Always and Forever” has already begun in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the movie Barry’s character, Pax, comes from the future, where there isn’t love. He visits present day New Orleans in search of romance novelist Elizabeth Barrett, played by Sara, whose book his culture found during an archeological dig in the year 3125. Pax hopes that Elizabeth will be able to describe the concept of love to him so he can bring it back to the future.

In the movie Valerie will play a colleague of Elizabeth’s, and Fred will play the character Bob who is Pax’s superior in the future who helps him go back in time.

“Always and Forever” is directed by Michael Lange (“Greek,” “Drop Dead Diva”) and written by James Orr and Jim Cruickshank while James, Rob Lee and Craig McNeil will be executive producers.

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