Wednesday, January 19, 2011

XKL - Xtreme Kickball League

Going through some old files, I found this flier I had started but never finished for the now defunct XKL (Xtreme Kickball League).

We had a nice run of playing almost every Sunday for about 2.5 years.   During that time we had drunken shenanigans, a snow game, rain games, a broken ankle, a separated shoulder, public urination, 7th inning Night Train round robins, extra runs awarded due to opponents spilled beers, table tops, 2 or 3 future couples met on the field for the 1st time, and a lot of fun.  Along the way, we met some of our best friends playing kickball.  Good times. 

Here are a couple of logos I made for the league.  

Even after 8 years, my shirt from Cafe Press with the Black Label logo has held up great and is still in my regular t-shirt rotation. 

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