Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Positano, Italy

A month or so back I took a vacation of a life time.  I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Italy and France for vacation.  The reason sparking the trip was that 2 old/great friends were getting married in Positano, Italy.  I did a couple of sketches for their wedding invitations and RSVPs which were Positano themed.   Here they are with the names redacted.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mattel Leaks Their SDCC Announcement

Last night Mattel accidentally listed their new DC Universe Classics subscription line.  This is one of their announcements they are making on Friday at San Diego Comic-Com.   I'll be signing up for it.  I will want the figures plus I won't have to deal with the white screen of death and horrible wait/refresh times on sale days.

Check it out:

2012 DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Subscription

On Sale Now!
Subscriptions Available 7/22/11 2 p.m. PT through 8/5/11 2 p.m. PT
Coming Soon
For 2012, subscriptions are available for Voltron®, Ghostbusters™ and Masters of the Universe Classics. Please read the details for each subscription, then return to the main Subscriptions page to make your selection.
DC Universe: Club Infinite Earths
Ghostbusters: Club Ecto-1
MOTUC: Club Eternia
Voltron: Club Lion Force
Club Infinite Earths
With the all-new 2012 Club Infinite Earths, the DC Universe becomes part of the Mattel subscription family for the first time. While you'll still find 6" figures at retail, will be the only place to get fan-demanded and true collector characters!
This club is 100% the result of fan requests. In order to make it happen, we need to reach a certain number of subscriptions. Throughout the subscription sign-up period, the thermometer will be updated to show how close we are. If we don't hit the goal, then we won't be able to offer the club. But if we do (and we really hope we do), then the club's a "go" and you can look forward to the ultimate DC Universe toy collecting experience!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day of the Dead

Here are a couple of photos my wife took of our friend (1/2 of 3rd Half Studios) last year at the Little 5 Points Halloween Festival.  I think they turned out great.  I had a blast last year (the 1st with an artist market), and look forward to this year.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a traditional holiday filled with booze, tons of food, and explosions.