Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Immortal Lee County Killers

The Immortal Lee County Killers were a great band from Auburn, Alabama that I knew when in was in college.  They described their sound as "the real punk blues" and they were great live. They put out a bunch of 7-inches and some full length albums on Estrus and Homo Habilis.  Their 1st album (The Essential Fucked Up Blues) was great and still remains one of my favorites. Here's one of my favorite songs off that album:

You can read up on them here.  I drew a few things for them including flier, 7-inch cover, and comic book.  The flier and 7-inch cover are below.  I'll post the comic later.

The 7inch was Train She Rides out on Homo Habilis Records (2000).  It's a song about a guy who got in a fight with his girlfriend, gets drunk, passes out next to some  railroad tracks, a train comes along with his girlfriend on board, and he gets his thumb chopped off as it runs by.  I was told it was based on a true story but I never saw the thumb that was supposedly kept in a freezer for many years after the fact.  The remix version on side B was pretty great and worth tracking down.

The flier was for a Friday the 13th show and I honestly can't remember where or when.  It would have to have been from sometime in 2000.  The same basic shot/drawing made it's way into the comic book.


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