Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Billy Dee as Two-Face

Tim Burton's Batman included a couple odd or questionable casting decisions.  People freaked out when they heard Michael Keaton was cast as Batman.  Critics were proven wrong as he nailed it and went on to be the best Batman for the next 15 years or so until Christian Bale (arguably) took over the title.  Another odd casting was Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.  It's only odd because the character has historically been white.  As everyone knows by now Harvey has an unfortunate accident and becomes Two-Face.  People were speculating how that would look in the sequel if Billy Dee was brought back.  Unfortunately no ones knows because when they did get around to including Two-Face as a villain in Batman Forever, they ignored Billy Dee and brought in Tommy Lee Jones.

Phantom Troublemaker recently posted on FaceBook that he was curious how it would've looked and asked someone to show him.  I quickly volunteered and then promptly procrastinated for a couple months.  I went for a more comic book-y look with the orange and plaid suit.  I was stuck deciding on a background (as I usually am) and came up with 2 choices (see what I did there).   So here they are:

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