Thursday, November 11, 2010

Someone Named a Mixed Drink After Me

Apparently I have a mixed drink named after me. I just found this recipe for the Belligerent Monkey.

Ingredients to use:     3    beers
5    shots of vodka
                                                1    water

Directions:                  Put 3 beers in a pitcher. Add Vodka until it looks good then pour water mixed with "Country Time" Lemon Berry Sippers" Mix well and drink. 

That sounds absolutely awful.  As the Belligerent Monkey, I officially reject that recipe in favor of my own.

Ingredients to use:     1    bottle of whiskey
                                                4    cubes of ice

Directions:                  Put 4 cubes of ice in a glass. Add whiskey. Drink. 

Much better. Circle C! Circle R!

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