Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 - The Year of Buffyclub

Over this past year, we have gotten together regularly with a couple of friends and watched all of the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  We started in January and will finish this week.  Going into it, I had never seen a single episode of either but had seen the movie.  I had a couple of friends who really liked the shows and 1 out of the 4 in our group had seen the whole thing before.  It wasn't long before I became a huge fan of the series and the characters.  I highly recommend checking out the series if you haven't yet.  The 1st season was a little weak but by season 2 it really got going.  I can't wait to finish Angel so I can start on the Buffy Season 8 comics.

Here are a couple of paintings I did of Buffy and Angel in the style of Bruce Timm (Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited).  Both are acrylic paint on 12"x24" canvas.


Being a big toy fan/collector, it wasn't too long into the seasons before I started looking into the Buffy toy options.  Once I saw the Phantom Stranger's collection/display at his house I was sold and started to pick them up off ebay or at various conventions.  Here is a photo of my Buffy shelf in my office/toy room.  

Some of my favorites are the library playset, Anya in her bunny suit, and the Lorne stage.  The library is huge, feels really sturdy, looks great, and is a perfect display for the figures.  I've been very impressed with it.  I have pretty much everyone I want but may still pick up a figure or 2.  

In short, it's an awesome show so go check it out.  All the seasons are currently available via streaming on Netflix.   

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