Thursday, April 5, 2012

Checking In

It's been pretty quiet around the Belligerent Monkey HQ.  My real job has been keeping me extra busy these days (which is a great thing) but it's limited my time painting and working on new things.  Plus I just got back from a great week long family vacation to Orlando where we went to Disney and Universal.  Not planning a full write up but I will say the Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and new Star Tours rides were all great.  Back to the real world and 100+ work emails to catch up on.  Going to be a busy few weeks as the spring festivals are about to start up.  I'll post more news later but I will be at Inman Park, Avondale Art-B-Q, and Kirkwood again this year.

Here are some photos from the Universal Marvel Super Hero Island. They really did a great job with the comic book stuff.  These are a mix of this years and some from a couple years ago.  They have updated Captain America to look more like the movie and Cyclops, Storm, Rouge, and Wolverine have all been updated from their 90s cartoon look to a more current comic book look.  I love the Namor above the bathrooms.


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